General information about making changes

We know that life happens when you're trying to make other plans, and that, from time-to-time, you may need to make changes to your bookings.

The easiest and fastest way to make a change to your booking is through our website. We have a section called My Booking, where you can login and make adjustments to your booking online with no mess or fuss.

Your other option is to make a call through to our call centre on 087 357 0030, and our team will help you out there. Please note that there will be a call centre handling fee charged for this service - this does not apply online.

Depending on the nature of the change, you may be charged a penalty fee. For example when changing the name if a passenger.

Should you want to change your flight dates and times, you will also be liable for any difference between what you paid for your fares at first and what those fares are available for now.

*Please note that changes can only be made before checking in. Changes can be made online, through the call centre or on our website up until 4 hours before departure. A penalty fee of R300 will apply per person per flight. Also note that passenger may be liable for a fare difference between old and new flights when changing a flight date. Our call centre and airport teams also charge a R100 service fee for changes they enact, but changes done through our self service online platform do not attract this fee.

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