Lounge Access

FlySafair is proud to partner with Bidvest Premier Lounges to give customers access to airport lounges across the country!

For more information on the lounge services, please click here for a broad overview.


Common Lounge FAQs

I didn't receive my lounge voucher via email

Your vouchers will be sent to you via email, with the vouchers attached to the email. First place to check if you didn't receive them would be your junk mail or spam box. If you have no luck there, you can always send them to yourself again from our manage my booking portal. Simply log in using your booking reference and last name, and then click the little couch icon on the top right. Check your email address, or enter an alternative one and the vouchers will be resent. Still struggling? Reach out to us on the phone 087 357 0030, via facebook, twitter or email (help@flysafair.co.za) and we'll gladly assist.


Can I bring my Children?

Children are welcome at the lounges. Children under the age of two years gain entry for free with an adult who has a valid voucher. Children two years and older will need their own vouchers.


Can I bring a Guest?

Guests can be brought into the lounge, but access will be charged for at the front counter at the lounges "walk-in" rate.


Can I arrive early?

You certainly can! Unfortunately your voucher is only good for two hours before your flight departs but you are welcome to go the lounge a little earlier. They will charge you for the extended stay. the rates are approximately R25 per 15min, but it's best to approach the lounge directly for their specific rates.


Can I use my lounge Voucher Again?

We're afraid not. Your voucher is good for one use only, and only with the specific flight that you booked it with. For example if you booked to use the lounge with your outbound flight, but don't make it to the airport in time, you will not be able to use the voucher on your outbound flight (unless you booked lounge access on both flights)


I didn't use my voucher, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. Vouchers are sold for a visit and valid for a visit for two hours before your flight departs. If the voucher is not used at the specified time it will be forfeited.


What's available at the lounges?

There are loads of great facilities at the lounges. All of them have comfy rest areas and complimentary snacks and drinks. For a full list of all the facilities available at each of the lounges, please click here.


If I change my flight date/time will the voucher carry over?

Yes, it will. The date and time on your voucher will still reflect the original flight, but the lounge should honour the voucher. If there are any questions, please call the FlySafair call centre immediately so that they can confirm to the lounge that your voucher is valid. The number is 087 357 0030.


Where are the lounges situated?

All Bidvest Lounges are in the departure halls of the various airports. This means that you need to go through the security check first. Most of the airports have pretty clear signage to get you to the lounges and any of the airport staff would be able to direct you. Click here for the locations of the lounges.


What time do the lounges open/close?

Most of the lounges open at about 4/5am in the morning and close between 8 and 9pm. Check here for specific details relating to your airport of choice.


Can I give my lounge voucher to someone else?

Unfortunately not - your lounge voucher is specifically created in your name, for you and cannot be transferred.


What if I forget my Lounge Voucher at home?

Not a problem - your voucher can be accessed via your email at any time and the staff can use the voucher on screen to scan you in. If you have access to your email on your phone, simply pull up the voucher. Alternatively use the manage my booking section to send it back to yourself - take a look at the tip above about not receiving the email voucher.

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