Check-in procedure

Our check-in desks open two hours prior to flight departure and close promptly 40 minutes before flight departure. We absolutely must close our check-in desk 40 minutes before departure to give enough time for passengers to get through the airport security processes, and have enough time to get to the departure gates, so not to delay the departure of the flight.  On-time performance is very important to FlySafair!

For passengers who have made use of our time-saving on-line check-in feature, if they have no hold-baggage to check-in, can proceed straight to airport security, with a print-out of their 'print-at-home' boarding pass.  You will need to show your boarding pass at the security barrier, as well as your photo ID.

For passengers who have made use of our online check-in, but have already added a hol bag to their booking, then you will need to go to our bag drop check-in, where your bags will be taken and tagged and a bag receipt given to you.  This is typically a quick process taking just a few minutes.

We recommend that you try to use our online check-in, as this is the quickest way to pass through the airport.  It is also possible to present your 'print-at-home' boarding pass on screen using your mobile smart phone, as the airport bar code readers can read from a smartphone.

For those passengers travelling without hold bags, and who have not availed of our online check-in process, at some airports it is possible to use the automated airport check-in kiosks to print your boarding passes, and then proceed to security.

For those passengers who have not checked-in online and who have hold bags, you will need to go to our airport check-in desks at the airport departures hall, where one of our friendly check-in staff will issue a boarding pass and tag your bags for travel.
Every passenger, irrespective of how they chose to check-in, requires proof of identity in the form of photo identification. Click here for the forms of documentation that are allowed.

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