Flight confirmation

Once you have completed your booking online or through our call centre, a booking confirmation email will be automatically sent to the email address which you specified when making your booking. Please remember that if the person who is booking is not one of the passengers in the booking, then it is the booker's email to whom any subsequent flight advice will be sent.

We also offer an SMS service where we text your confirmation to you for just an extra R7.  This is an optional service.

We regularly receive inquiries about missing confirmation emails, the explanation for which can typically be explained by bookers making typos in their email addresses, or emails being captured by your email service provider into the spam/junk email box. 

Please check your spam/junk email box first in case it is sitting in there. If you still require a further copy of your confirmation, and you did keep a note of your booking reference, then you are able to retrieve the information through the Change My Booking feature on our website.

If you are still struggling to get a copy of your confirmation, then please call our call centre on 087 357 0030.

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