Finding Flight Prices Online

Often times passengers email us asking for a quote for a certain flight. The best way to find out the prices for a flight you are interested in is to use our online booking system that can be found on our homepage at

Please note that our flight prices are subject to demand, which means that they do change - usually going up as we get closer to departure. Here's an article with more info on how that works.

Step 1: Visit our website and from the drop down list, select the "from" and "to" airports. Also indicate whether you would like a quote for a one-way or return flights, by clicking the appropriate button. After this, select the dates you would like and then indicate how many people will be flying. Once this is done, click the pink search button.


Step 2: The website will show you a selection of flights for the dates that you have indicated. you can now select a time and price that suits you. Alternately, you can go backward or forwards a day to see other options. On the right hand side we will display the total price of the booking for the flights selected. Then click continue.


Step 3: We will now ask you for your contact details. You can also select any extras that you would like, for example if you would like to take a suitcase or if you would like some travel insurance. These will be automatically added to the total on the right hand side.



Step 4: Here you can choose your preferred seats on the aircraft by selecting the seats you would like. Alternately you can choose to skip this step.


Step 5: Payment. Here you can select the method of payment that you would like to use. We accept credit cards, online banking (EFT) payments through the SID system or you can choose to make payment at your local Pick n Pay. Simply choose the option you'd like and follow the prompts on screen.


Step 6: Have a good flight!


Here's a video to walk you through the process:




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