Explaining Taxes & Fees

the prices we advertise on our site are our prices inclusive of the air fare and the taxes. However, when you look at the details on your receipt you will see the full amount broken down into different fees and taxes. Here's how they work.




  • The Fare - This is the amount of money that we as the airline actually receive to operate the flight that you will be boarding.
  • Passenger Service Charge - This is a charge levied by the Airports Company which is for the use of the airport facilities for boarding etc.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) - This is the standard 14.5% statutory value added tax that has to be added to non-exempt products and services sold in South Africa
  • Passenger Security Charge - This is another charge levied by the Airport Company for the security scans and checks that passengers must go through in order to pass through the airport.
  • CAA Charge (1 April 2015) - This is a fee levied by the Civil Aviation Authority for the role that they play in overseeing the safety and compliance of all airlines.
  • UM for George and ELS - the George and East London Airports have separate specific fees that they levy for flights operating through those airports.




These are all the extra services that you have selected on top of your flights. These are charged per flight and include things like:


  • priority boarding
  • checked in bags
  • extra checked in bags
  • sports equipment
  • Insurance (travel protection)




This section outlines the extra fees paid for pre-selected seating or priority seating (an optional extra)



We do not take any payment for car hire - you will simply be reserving a vehicle on our website. Payment is made directly to First Car Rental at their counters when collecting your vehicle. We do outline the costs of the selected option in our booking basket for you.


Pay Later Fee

If you chose our Pay later service, you will be charged a fee of R40 to hold your space on the aircraft for 24 hours while you make decision on payment.


Admin Fee

If you chose to make payment via Pick n Pay, this is a charge levied by Pick n Pay for processing your payment.


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