20% Off* when you use your COVID-19 Voucher

FlySafair is offering customers who had their trips cancelled as a result of COVID19, the option to get 20% off* their next flight when they use their compensation vouchers to book their travel. This offer is valid for the lifetime of the voucher.


How to get 20% off

  1. Go to FlySafair.co.za
  2. Enter the details of where you would like to go into the search box, and type in the code "TAKEOFF" into the promo code box
  3. Search for your flights. All prices displayed will include the promotional discount already applied
  4. Select the flights you want and follow the normal checkout process
  5. On the payment page, use your voucher details to pay.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my voucher?

You can log into Manage my booking to locate your details - check out this article.


Can the voucher be used for anyone?

Yes - vouchers are completely transferable and anyone with the voucher number and PIN can use it - so keep those details safe.


How long does this promotion last?

The promotion lasts for as long as your voucher is valid so there is no need to rush a decision now.


Can I use my voucher across several bookings?

Yes, you can draw down on the value of your voucher across several reservations.


Can I top up my purchase with cash?

Yes you can. You have to pay for as much of the booking with your voucher as you can, the balance can then be topped up with credit card or Secure Instant Deposit payments.


What do I do if the routes I want are not there?

Wait - the promotional offer is valid for as long as your voucher is. More routes will be introduced again as lockdown limitation slowly lift.


Can I get cash instead?

Yes, but your refund is subject to a 45% cancellation fee and will take between 10 and 12 weeks to process.


20% Off Voucher Promotion Terms & Conditions
  • This offer is available to all customers who hold compensation vouchers due to flight reservations that they had being cancelled as a result of the national lockdown and resultant prohibition of domestic flying.
  • Specifically, the period in question is 26 March - 15 June.
  • Additionally, this promotion is available to customers who had booked for travel between 15 June and 31 August on routes that still may not be operated as a result of regulated limitations on domestic air travel. 
  • Customers who booked their tickets via a GDS system, are expressly excluded from this promotion.
  • Only vouchers bearing the technical reason code "CO", "CR" and "GW" will qualify for this promotion. No vouchers offered to customers as prizes, compensation of through other deals outside of the COVID-19 pandemic will qualify.
  • This offer starts on Monday the 8th of June 2020 and the offer remains valid for as long as the vouchers in question are valid.
  • The 20% off offer is applicable to all flights available on www.flysafair.co.za.
  • The 20% discount will be applied to the airfare before any airport taxes or extras are added to the purchase. For clarity, airport taxes and extras will not be discounted by 20%.
  • In order to take advantage of this offer, voucher holders will need to enter the code "TAKEOFF" into the field labelled "promo code" on the flysafair.co.za homepage. They will then have to use their voucher to pay.
  • The offer is available on all routes operated by FlySafair during the voucher validity period.
  • The 20% off offer is only available through our website at www.flysafair.co.za. It is not available through our Call Center or other distribution partners.
  • The 20% discount applies to fares for Children 2 years and older, but does not apply to fares for infants who are under the age of 2. Infants under the age of 2 are charged 15% of the going adult fare. For the avoidance of doubt, this will be 15% of the adult fare before the 20% off discount has been calculated. Please also note that the ages reflected here are the relevant age of the child at the time of travel, not at the time of making the reservation.
  • Fares displayed on our search results page will already include the 20% discount, provided the "Promo code" "TAKEOFF" has been correctly applied. This will be automatically applied to the net fare. You will be able to see the original price listed along side with a strikethrough. The discount can be reviewed in your booking basket which is located on the right-hand side of your screen on desktop or by tapping the basket total at the top of your screen on mobile.
  • This offer excludes group bookings of 15 or more people.
  • The prices advertised in conjunction with this sale are our "base prices". That is to say that these are the starting prices at which the first seats on these flights will sell. As the flights fill up, the flight prices will increase incrementally, but the 29% off* discount will be automatically applied to all seats regardless of the price.
  • Remember that all standard terms and conditions of booking and carriage will apply to these seats. These include change fees, and fare differences when changing tickets which could effectively erode the 20% off benefit.
  • Please note that this discount will not be applied to the difference in fare calculations inherent to changing existing tickets.
  • All sales are final, and a successful booking is guaranteed once payment has been completed.
  • When various people are viewing the same flight online at the same time, the first person to successfully complete their payment will be allocated that fare. This could result in the runner up being required to start booking again at a now potentially higher fare.
  • Vouchers can be drawn down on across multiple bookings and similarly, a booking can be topped off with cash if the voucher is insufficient to cover the cost of the reservation.
  • No refunds already made to cash will be reversed so that users may take advantage of this offer.
  • Vouchers are transferable from one user to another.
  • Any person with voucher details, specifically the voucher number and voucher PIN, can use the voucher to make a purchase.
  • Cash refunds are permitted, and in line with the law, are subject to a reasonable cancellation fee. This cancellation fee has been calculated at 45% of the value of the transaction.



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