Changes due to Lockdown Levels and Coronavirus

All flights booked from 2 June 2020 have our standard fare rules applied. That means that if you want to make a change, you are welcome to do so, but you are liable to pay various fees, depending on the flexibility inherent to the type of fare you decide to purchase.

All tickets are changeable up until 4 hours before the flight departs.


People Feeling Ill Before Flights

If you are not feeling well on the day of your flight, rather take the opportunity to make the change before the 4 hours expires. If you are turned away ate the airport terminal because you have a fever your flight will be forfeited.

If you get ill, with Coronavirus or anything else, you are urged to change your flight details. As per our terms and Conditions and the Consumer Protection Act upon which they are based, anyone who is hospitalised, or passes away will get a full refund to cash.

A doctor's note can be used to claim a partial refund on a flight booking if the person flying is deemed unfit to fly given the circumstances.


Changes to National Flying Rules

It may happen that we are forced to cancel a flight as a result of changes to the rules permitting domestic flights. In this case we will advise customers via SMS and email, using the details we are provided with at booking, as soon as we can.

Reservations will automatically be converted into flight vouchers to be used on our website. Such vouchers will qualify for our options of a 20% off on the. next purchase or a 45% cancellation fee when converted back to cash.


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