Blocked Seat Option

When making a reservation on our website, customers have the option to block out the middle seat in their row to ensure their own comfort and privacy during their journey.

This seat will remain open during the flight, and no passenger will be permitted to place any items, or people, on the seat.

The option to block or neutralise the middle seat is presented on the seat selection page of our booking journey.


Step 1

Select any open window or aisle seat (Column A,C,D or F) with an open seat next to it to activate the blocked seat button in the passenger name list.



Step 2

Tap/click on the "Add Blocked Seat" under the selected passengers name.



Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2, for all passengers that need a blocked seat.



Step 4

Upon completion of steps 1 to 3, click on "Next Seat Selection" if you are booking a return flight, or "Continue" for a one-way flight to resume the booking process.

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