FlySafair seat allocation policy

Many people have asked about the option to neutralise the middle seat on an aircraft to ensure social distancing.

Research commissioned by IATA has illustrated that there is an insignificant benefit to this practice and that people are better protected through the proper use of face masks and appropriate surface disinfection processes.

As a matter of policy, FlySafair will allocate all window and aisle seats first to promote social distancing. The natural exception to this will be where customers actually pre-book seats together.

During check-in, unless you have purposefully selected a middle seat, only window and aisle seats will be available.

Only once all these seats have been allocated, will begin to allocate middle seats.

We do however have a solution in place for individuals who would prefer to have the middle seat in their row left open. This blocked middle seat solution is only available when booking through our website and comes at a fee of R750. Click here for more information on how this solution works.

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