FlySafair Vouchers for COVID-19 Compensation

We've had to cancel a number of flights due to the Coronavirus pandemic, National Lockdown and consequent prohibitions and then restrictions on domestic flying.

To put our customers at ease, we converted all bookings for flights (which were sold as non-refundable) into vouchers which our customers can use at a later date. 


Here are a few details about these vouchers:

1. The vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue - that is to say that they need to be 'spent' within 12 months of being created, but can be used to purchase any flight at any time. Some vouchers were initially valid for 6 months, but this validity period has been automatically extended.

2. These vouchers are transferable - they can be used to purchase any flight, on any route, at any time, for anybody to fly.

3. Vouchers can be redeemed on our website or through our call centre. To use the vouchers on our website, simply make a reservation as you usually would and enter the voucher details in the appropriate box on the payment page, rather than using your credit card. Here's a link to more info on that. 

4. Anyone with your voucher number and your voucher PIN can use your voucher, so keep your details safe.


We're thrilled to be back to operations, and in celebration of that, and in thanks to our patient customers, we are offering all voucher holders 20% off* their next flight purchase if they use their COVID19 compensation vouchers to purchase their flights. Effectively, our COVID19 vouchers, just became 20% more valuable*.

What's more: you don't have to use your vouchers immediately to take us this offer. The 20% off* offer will last for the lifespan of the voucher, so you can wait until things return to a more normal state before you make your plans.


There is also an option to opt for a cash refund on your voucher. Customers not wishing to take up our 20% off* offer are able to request a refund to cash of their voucher. This refund will be subject to a cancellation fee of 45% of the face value of the voucher. We also ask for your patience in processing these refunds as we anticipate that there will be large volumes to work through. Given that manual checking on each case is required to eliminate fraud risks, we do anticipate that this process will take some time and would like to advise customers to expect 10 - 12 weeks for processing.


Still got Questions?

  • How do I find my voucher details?
  • How do I use my voucher to get 20% off?
  • Can I use my voucher across multiple bookings?
  • What if I'm not. happy with your cash alternative?


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