Schedule Changes as a Result of COVID-19

Reduced demand for flights as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic has meant that we've had to make a few adjustments to our schedule in order to better meet the new, lower demand levels.

What this means is that you might receive a notice from us to inform you that there has been a change to your flight details.


How will we inform you of any changes?

Details for flight changes will be sent to you via email and SMS using the details that you gave us when you made your booking.


When will we advise you of changes?

We will let you know as soon as we can, but it could be up to 24 hours before the departure.


What options do you have?

There are three options open to you.

Option 1: If you are comfortable with the new flight time, keep it! We'll see you on board!

Option 2: You can make a penalty-free change to your booking. Here you can change the route and/or the date. There will be no penalty to do this, but you might have to pay in a difference if the new flight you choose costs a little more than the one you originally had. This can easily and quickly be done on the "Manage Booking" section of our website.

Option 3: You can opt for a full refund to a voucher. This voucher is valid for 6 months, which means you have 6 months to spend it on any flight departing at any time. This can also be done on our website - the video below shows you how.

Please note, these options will only be available to you until 30 April 2020. If not done by this date, your ticket will be forfeited.


How to Check if your flight has changed

The easiest way to check on your flight info is to log into the Manage Bookings section of our site. Below is a quick video on how to check your flight details.


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