FAQs: The FlySafair Jive for Five, R5 Flight Sale!

What’s the offer?

We’re selling 45 000 seats on selected FlySafair flights for just R5, including the airport taxes.

These seats are available on selected flights that depart between 8 May and the end of September 2019.

Tickets are available on all FlySafair routes.

The R5 tickets include carriage and 7kgs of hand luggage. Things like checked luggage and pre-selected seats can be purchased at additional fees.


What routes are on special?

We've got selected seats on all of our routes on special for flights departing up until the end of September 2019.

There will not be R5 seats on every flight - these cheap seats are on selected flights only.

We fly between the following routes in both directions

  • Johannesburg (OR Tambo) - Cape Town
  • Johannesburg (OR Tambo) - George
  • Johannesburg (OR Tambo) - Port Elizabeth
  • Johannesburg (OR Tambo) - East London
  • Johannesburg (OR Tambo) - Durban
  • Cape Town - Lanseria
  • Cape Town - Port Elizabeth
  • Cape Town - East London
  • Cape Town - Durban
  • Durban - Port Elizabeth
  • Durban - East London


Do I have to book for specific dates?

Yes, you'll have to book specific flights for specific dates. You can change these later but you will pay the difference between what you originally paid (R5) and what the new flight costs, so you'll basically be buying full price flights. In other words you need to book what you want.

Names can be changed at a later stage for R300 per one-way flight.


Do the flights include luggage?

No checked luggage is included in the R5 ticket. You can add a checked bag for R155 per flight. Your R5 ticket will allow you 7kgs of carry-on luggage.


How many tickets can I buy?

Once you get through to the site you will have the opportunity to make one purchase. A purchase will be either a one-way or return ticket. You can book for up to 14 passengers (all on the same flight) but you will only get R5 tickets for all 14 people if there are that many R5 seats available on that flight.

You can combine a R5 flight with a full priced return flight and vice-versa.

Here's an example:

In one purchase you could book for 6 people to depart Cape Town for Johannesburg on FA 100 departing at 05:45 on the 13th of June and returning on FA101 at 08:15 from Johannesburg to Cape Town on the 14th of June. This would be one purchase of a return flight for 6 people.

In one purchase you could not book for two people on FA 100 departing at 05:45 on the 13th of June and one person departing on FA 233 from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg at 18:55 on the 3rd of September and three people departing Durban for East London on FA440 at 09:50 on the 2nd of July. This combination of flights could only be achieved in three separate purchases.


How does it work?

As you can imagine, an offer this good gets everyone into a frenzy. This is the fifth time we’ve run this type of sale having started with a R1, then a R2, R3, R4 and now R5 sale in 2019.

The number of people that come to our website to try and get tickets is incredibly overwhelming and the strain that all this traffic puts onto our web servers is immense. In years gone by we’ve had issues in coping with all this traffic which is why we developed the waiting room. 

The waiting room is, exactly as the name says, a virtual waiting room. This is a holding space where we keep visitors, while allowing manageable numbers of customers onto our website. We do this to protect the integrity of our website so that the servers are not overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of customers searching for flights.

Entry into the site from the waiting room is done by means of a random draw. At five minute intervals, we randomly select a number of users and allow them access to the website so that they can search for the tickets that they want to purchase.


Is this fair?

There are well over 50 million South Africans, and for this sale we can only afford to sell 45 000 seats at just R5. Last we checked that’s loads more seats than any of our competitors have ever sold at those kinds of prices.

As much as we’d love to give every South African a seat for R5, that’s just not economically possible. The next best thing was to give everyone an equal shot at getting their hands on these tickets – so that’s what we’ve done with the waiting room and the 5-minute random draws.

Nobody gets preferential access to the site to buy tickets, not our staff, not celebrities, not politicians, not specific causes… At the FlySafair Jive for R5 Sale, everyone is equal. We think this is the most fair way to run the sale and we hope you do too.


Is this a hoax?

Despite the fact that last year was the fourth time we ran this sale, there were several people who claimed that the sale was a massive scam. 

We’re not sure if it was just because the sale went off really smoothly last year, or whether this sudden scepticism spoke more to the national psyche at the time.

One consumer actually took us to the Advertising Standards Authority requesting that the Authority investigate.

It was no surprise to us, because it’s an amazing offer and of course it sounds too good to be true, but we shared the sales data with the Authority and they obviously ruled in our favour.


Customer Service Queries

With all this attention, you can bet your bottom dollar that the phones over at FlySafair are going to be ringing off the hook. It’s true, when we run these sales we get massive volumes of calls, emails, Whatsapps, DMs and social media queries. 

We’ve got the full team on standby, plus a few extras, to help answer all your questions, but please understand that it might take us a while to get to you. Also, it’s important to know that these tickets are only going to be available on our website and our customer service teams are not going to be able to sneak anyone into the site. Our teams are, however, online to try and help customers looking to make normal purchases and changes during all the madness.


Trying to Buy Normal Tickets?

We totally appreciate that the madness of this sale gets in the way of customers who are just trying to purchase normal, full-priced tickets. Please accept our apologies for this, we absolutely appreciate your business and the fact that this craziness is an inconvenience.

Our call center team have access to full priced inventory and are happy to help you make your reservations, and we’ll obviously drop our usual call center booking fee. Please dial 087 357 0030 to make your full-priced reservations.


Game On

This year we are running three competitions alongside the sale to offer customers something to do while they wait for their chance to get R5 tickets.

Customers who find themselves in the digital waiting room can enter:

  • The Free2Fly promotion, where they can win a magical card that allows them to fly on any FlySafair flight for free, for 12 whole months.
  • The Jive for R5 promotion, where they can submit the best video of them jiving for their R5 tickets. Five winners will then be selected, who will each receive one of five FlySafair return tickets.
  • The R5 Madness competition, every year, we receive pictures on social media of people with multiple devices lined up waiting to gain access to the sale. Customers can share a picture of them and their colleagues with all their devices for a chance to win an awesome online shopping voucher.
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