Jive for R5 Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions applicable to the “R5 Sale”:


  1. FlySafair will make a selection of one-way flight tickets available for sale at R5. These tickets will:
    1. only be available on the FlySafair website at www.flysafair.co.za and not through any other distribution partner, the FlySafair Call Center, or FlySafair Airport Ticket Sales Desks;
    2. only be available between 9am and 5pm on 07 May 2019, or until such time as the allocated inventory sells out.
    3. only be available for selected one-way flight tickets  between 08 May 2019 and 30 September 2019.
  2. The sale will terminate at 5PM on Tuesday, 07 May 2019, or at such time as the allocation of 45,000 one-way flight tickets has sold out. FlySafair reserves the right, at its absolute and sole discretion, to extend the time of the sale or to reduce it, or to alter the allocated inventory by increasing or decreasing the number of one-way flight tickets available;
  3. R5 tickets include all airport taxes and VAT, but exclude any additional services such as (but not limited to) checked luggage, priority boarding and seat pre-selection. 
  4. Tickets are not held when selected, only successful payment reserves a ticket. As such, if many people are looking at the same tickets, only the first person who successfully completes payment will get those tickets.
  5. Access to the website to make purchase will be limited by means of a “Waiting Room” facility, which is designed to preserve the integrity of the website and protect it against the heavy traffic demand:
    1. A random selection of users, the number of which is to be determined by FlySafair, will gain access to our website for purchase when the sale starts. The remaining visitors will be placed in our waiting room.
    2. Users on the website will need to start their purchase journey before their sessions expire.
    3. Once a user completes a purchase, or their session expires, they will be redirected to the waiting room once again.
    4. Every 5 (five) minutes, our website will be filled to the chosen capacity with a group of randomly selected users from the waiting room.
    5. This process will continue until the last of the allocated R5 tickets is sold, or until 5PM, whichever happens first, taking into consideration FlySafair’s right to change the times of the sale, as well as the allocated ticket inventory numbers as stipulated in clause 2 hereof.
  6. No preferential access to the site can be granted to any customer.
  7. Our standard call centre administration fee will be dropped for the day so that people seeking to make normal full-fare reservations can continue to do so through that channel without disadvantage. The call center number is 087 357 0030.
  8. Normal flight change facilities will be available on our website, but users who change existing flights will not have access to the “R5 Sale”.
  9. Only our Lite Fare will be available for the “R5 Sale”.
  10. “R5 Sale” tickets are non-refundable and non-cancellable. Penalties and differences in fares will apply for any changes made to the “R5 Sale” tickets.
  11. By participating in this “R5 Sale”, you automatically agree to receive our marketing email communications.
  12. FlySafair reserves the right to suspend or alter this promotion at any point without notice.
  13. All Standard Conditions of Booking and Carriage will apply to these flights as published on www.flysafair.co.za.


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