Special Needs Passengers: What to do at the airport

At FlySafair we welcome special needs passengers who seek some assistance through the airport. All that we ask is that passengers inform us of their requirements 48 hours before the flight departs by completing this form. That way we can ensure that we prepare to host you properly.

Please note that this service is limited to a certain number of individuals per aircraft, this is in compliance with civil aviation regulation which limits the number of vulnerable passengers that a carrier may carry per crew member aboard the aircraft.

This article is intended as information for those who have booked the service and are looking for details on what to do at the airport. For details of the actual services offered, please click here.

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When arriving at the airport

We ask that special needs passengers please arrive at the airport and check-in at least one hour before the flight is due to depart. We highly recommend arriving 90min before hand.

Upon arrival at the airport, please make your way to the FlySafair Check-in counters at the domestic departures section of the relevant terminal. Our teams will meet you from this point to assist you through the travel process. Please note that no assistance is offered from the parking lot, and customers are required to make their own way to the check-in counters.

Upon check-in, our staff member will see a notification on your reservation of the type of assistance booked. They will then call for the assistance team who will take over from there, once the passenger has been checked in.

Our assistants will help you through the airport security checks and take you through to the boarding gate where you can wait for boarding to commence.

Our vulnerable passengers are usually boarded first by our teams who will assist you as needed onto the aircraft.

At the end of the flight we ask that our special assistance passengers remain seated until everyone else has left the aircraft at which point our crew will assist you to disembark. At this stage you will be met by ground staff who will take you through to the terminal building and help collect luggage if needs be.


Bringing your own wheelchair / walking aids

We are very happy to transport wheelchairs and walking frames etc for our passengers. These items are loaded into the front hold of the aircraft and promptly unloaded on the other side. The team at the airport will advise whether it's best to use one of our wheelchairs to transport you to the actual aircraft or whether it would be possible to take you to the aircraft in your own chair.


Delays and Flight Interruptions

In the unlikely even of a delay or a flight interruption, special needs passengers will be informed, along with everyone else, about expected delays and new departure times. Our special needs customers will be asked to wait with others at the boarding gates.


We are here to help

If at any point you need any help, please do not hesitate to ask our staff who will be at hand to assist you in any way that they can.

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