Oxygen Tanks, Generators and Concentrators

Under no circumstances are passengers allowed to use their own oxygen cylinders on board.

Sealed empty oxygen cylinders can be transported as checked-in luggage only and will be included within your luggage allowance. The regulator will need to be removed from the bottle and transported separately to the bottle.

FlySafair does provide oxygen but this is for emergencies only.

Passengers making use of oxygen generators/concentrators must obtain prior written approval from FlySafair. Arrangements should be concluded no later than 48 hours prior to departure. This approval letter along with the FlySafair Special needs form should accompany the passenger on arrival at the FlySafair check-in counters.

We are unable to accommodate any devices requiring external electrical power on board the aircraft.

Passengers may use their own aviation approved oxygen generators/concentrators (not cylinders).

Approved portable oxygen concentrators allowed:

  • Respironics EverGo

  • Invacare XPO2

  • AirSep Lifestyle

  • SeQual Eclipse

  • Delphi RS-00400

  • Inogen One

  • AirSep Freestyle


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