Blind Travellers

While we do not offer any sort of escort facility akin to that which might be offered to unaccompanied minors, we do welcome the visually impaired onto our flights.

If passengers are travelling alone and require assistance at the airport, we will gladly do so, but we do ask that this form be completed at least 48 hours before the flight.

All service dogs (guide dog, assistant dog) are carried free of charge, provided the dog is travelling with the owner and the passenger is fully dependent on the animal. Arrangements for the carriage of service animals are to be concluded no later than 48 hours prior to flight departure. Passengers will need to show proof of identity documentation for the service dog, such as a current service Dog ID or relevant documentation, issued by an approved organisation. The service Dog must be fully trained and harnessed and will be seated on the floor in front of the passenger's seat.


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