Date of Birth for Children

FlySafair asks that passengers identify children under the age of 12 and infants under the age of 2 when searching for fares. This is part of step one on our homepage.

Later in the booking process you will be requested to input the birthdates of the children selected in step one.

Please note that birthdates must be input in the format indicated on the site.

Also please note that we validate the age of your children at the time of travel, not the time of booking. 

For example: A child is 11 years old and his birthday is a week from now.

The parent attempts to make a booking and indicates that there will be a child under the age of 12 travelling with the party, but the flights being booked are for three months in the future. 

When the flight takes place, the child will be 12, and thus should be counted as an adult. In this case the website will indicated an error.


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