Where we fly

At the moment we cover the following routes in both directions:

  • Johannesburg - Cape Town
  • Johannesburg - Durban
  • Johannesburg - East London
  • Johannesburg - Port Elizabeth
  • Johannesburg - George
  • Cape Town - Durban
  • Cape Town - East London
  • Cape Town - Port Elizabeth
  • Cape Town - Lanseria
  • Durban - East London
  • Durban - Port Elizabeth

We are constantly evaluating potential new routes, and some of our routes are operated with varying seasonal schedules.

It makes sense for you to check our current and future schedules on our website for the most up to date information on flight schedules.  

Please take a look at our Flight Schedules page, or alternatively make an availability request on our website home page to see where we fly, which days of the week, which months of the year, and at what time.

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