Luggage policy


Hand Luggage:

Your fare comes with two free carry on bags. The larger of the two should not be more than 56cm x 36cm x 25cm, and should not weigh more than 7kg. This bag must fit in the storage compartment in the cabin. The smaller of the two should not exceed 40cm x 15cm x 20cm, and must fit under the seat in front of you. 

Please note: Over-sized carry-on bags will attract a fine at the boarding gate.


Checked in Luggage:

Checked in luggage can be purchased separately.

We keep our fares low by excluding the price of a bag so you can travel light and keep your wallet full. In fact, only half of our passengers actually take bags - so why charge you for something you do not need?

Should you wish to add a 20kg bag to your flight, this can be selected on our Extra’s page during the online flight booking process for R155. Alternately you can purchase a ticket for your bag through the call centre, or at the airport when you check-in for R250.

Checked-in baggage maximum size dimensions are 90 x 75 x 43cm.

For clarity, only one piece is allowed.


Extra Luggage:

A second 20kg bag is subject to a R250 charge booked online or via our call centre.


Sports Equipment:

You can absolutely fly with your sports equipment. This is also charged for separately. Click here for more information. 

For clarity, only one piece is allowed.


Travelling with Babies:

Strollers for babies may be carried as hand baggage free of charge, but again will be taken from you at the gate and given to you at the aircraft side on arrival.  Travel cots will be considered to be hold baggage.


Overweight Bags:

Bags purchased will have a 20kg limit. Anything over 20kg will attract a heavy bag charge. Bags weighing in excess off 32kg’s per bag will be transported as cargo at the passenger’s expense and may not be transported on the same flight as the passenger. All arrangements to transport the bag as cargo will have to be made by the passenger.

Hand luggage weighing in excess of 7 kg’s per bag or which is too large to fit into the overhead stowage compartments will need to be checked in the hold. Hand luggage maximum size dimensions (56 x 36 x 25cm). Checked-in baggage maximum size dimensions (90 x 75 x 43cm).

On full flights it may be necessary for us to take your larger hand baggage from you at the gate given limited space onboard, and return it to you when we reach the destination

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