Food & drinks onboard

We serve a selection of delicious light snacks and refreshments on-board and payment can be made with cash or debit/credit card during the flight. EFTs or cheques are regrettably not accepted.

Our menu is small but tasty and yet light on the pocket:-

  • Rolls
  • Peanuts 
  • Crisps 
  • Chocolate and sweets 
  • Biltong 
  • Tea/coffee/hot chocolate 
  • Water/fruit juice/cold drinks 
  • Beer & cider 
  • Wine (red or white)

Please note: All the items on our menu are subject to availability. Card payments are accepted, but should your card decline, you will need to pay cash. If you would like any allergy or ingredient information please talk to one of our friendly crew. By law we are prohibited from selling alcohol to anyone under the age of 18.

Consumption of your own alcohol is strictly prohibited on our flights, and if caught, it will be confiscated. Passengers are allowed to transport alcohol in the cabin, but they may not open or consume it on board. We do, however, have a few tasty wines and beers for you to enjoy.

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