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The cheapest place to book our flights is to visit our website, where you have complete freedom to check our schedules and prices in real-time.

If you do not have access to the internet from where you are then feel free to call our super friendly Call Centre Agents who are ready to take your call on 0871351351. Please be aware that there is a standard call centre processing fee of R100.00 added to each booking transaction.

You can also purchase flights at our our ticket sales counters which are situated in the Departures Terminals at each of our serviced airports.  We also levy a R100.00 processing fee when bookings are made at our airport ticket desks.

We have a number of authorised 3rd party distribution partners with whom we work.  They are able to sell FlySafair flights through a link to our reservations system.  The cost of flights through such partners will inevitably be more expensive than booking direct on our website as they have to charge their own processing fees for the service that they provide.

In all sales channels we allow a variety of payment options for you to pay for your booking transaction.

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