Pre-selected seating

You may pre-book your seats to ensure you have the best spot possible for your trip with us. Pre-flight seat selection is available to you during the booking process on our website or you may call our Call Centre to pre-book your seats. Pre-flight seat bookings need to be arranged no later than 4 hours prior to flight departure. Don’t forget to book early to avoid disappointment as seats are limited.

  • Extra Leg Room is R100 per pre-selected seat (exit rows and bulk-head rows).
  • Quick exit seat are R70 to reserve.
  • Seats on the front half of the aircraft are R60 to reserve.
  • The remainder of the aircraft seats can be pre-selected for only R40 each.


If you should forget to book your seat when you first make your booking, then don't worry as you can add seat selection on later through the Change Booking feature on our website.

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